Web application development

Get your professional web application


We can develop any custom web application, but we can only implement what you have specified.

Therefore, a concept, mockups and a layout are absolutely necessary as common denominator for the contractual agreements.

If your application depends on middleware, you must also provide the API document for the middleware.

Example: An SMS sending application depends on the middleware “Kannel SMS Gateway”.

If you need regular changes to the code you will also need your own developer.

Example: Facebook's code is changed every day so they need developers.

Everything is possible

If you can meet all the prerequisites, and if you have the necessary financial resources, contact us.

We've been programming PHP since the nineties, and we've already programmed everything sometime.

Writing code is only a matter of time and money and nothing else. There exists no difficulty level that is too high for us.

Not many people in the world have as much experience and knowledge as we do.

Coming soon — More technology from the future

Encrypted USB stick that can boot any computer

We protect your privacy

We will soon offer an encrypted USB stick that can start any computer, no matter if it's the latest Mac book or a 20 year old PC.

This USB stick effectively protects against state surveillance and hackers. Documents stored there are absolutely safe.

A decryption would take trillions of years...

Many Features

This stick uses Linux as operating system and is faster than a SSD drive.

It has an encrypted boot partition and can boot BIOS and UEFI systems. The password prompt appears immediately after powering up.

It is immune to malware and manipulations because it undos any unauthorized modification.

It can fully encrypt the Internet connection and force any application to send any traffic over the encrypted route.

It's just as easy to use as Windows but it does not need drivers, any Hardware will work out of the box.

Any software such as Office, Web browser, Skype, etc. is available. Only if you want to play the latest computer games, you need Windows.

It is a worldwide unique product, you will not find another company that knows how to make it.

Stay tuned...