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A quarter of a century linux and web development experience, compressed into a revolutionary product

UCMS license and source code

You receive a UCMS license that allows you to operate one Internet domain with the UCMS.

In addition, you will receive the source code with all components and a basic skeleton of a digital company named “ExampleCompany”.

UCMS includes
  • + UCMS source code written in PHP
  • + Example Company Web Application
  • + Example Company Blog
  • + Example Company Backend API
  • + Example Company Admin Panel
  • + Awesome Template Engine (our new Twig)
  • + Awesome PDF Generator component
  • + Generic Database Emulator component
  • + All things mentioned at the features page

Skeleton application

The “ExampleCompany” skeleton application contains features such as Create account, Login, Dashboard, Invoices, Account Settings and an Admin Control Panel.

To realize your web application, all you need to do is adjust and expand the skeleton to fit your business logic.

It's easy to understand for an average programmer after a few hours or days.

What you can do with it
  • You can program your own application:
  • + Automation and control system
  • + Customer portal
  • + Digital service provider
  • + Internationalized interactive application
  • + Invoicing system
  • + Middleware adapter
  • + Other things a visual composer can't do

Early Birds Offers

You can get personal support and advice for your developers if you arrange this with us.

This offer is a finite resource and not unlimited. If this resource is used up, we can no longer offer it.

There are only a handful of people in the world who have as much experience as we have.

Additional services
  • + Advice
  • + Consultation
  • + Expertise
  • + Feasibility analysis
  • + Highly specialized tasks
  • + Make the impossible possible
  • + Network security

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the UCMS for free?

Developing this software has taken a lot of time, money, and experience. These costs need to be covered. For this reason, a license to use the UCMS is required.

Will the UCMS ever be open source?

After the development costs have been amortized, we may publish the source code and allow free non-commercial use for individuals (but not companies). You should not expect that to happen in the near future, rather in 2021 or later.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. Credit card payments are also possible via PayPal, all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

When do I get the license key?

You will receive the license key and source code as soon as the payment has been credited to our bank account. If you pay with PayPal, we will send the license key and the source code with a delay of 3-5 days after receipt of the payment to protect us from payment fraud.

What are the licensing terms?

We grant license holders a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-resellable, perpetual licence to use this software for one internet domain. This software license can not be transferred to third parties or resold.

Can I get a custom license/support?

Call us and let us talk about it. We offer many additional services, such as: Advice, support or creation of a skeleton of your application if you pay us for this. However, we do not manage or maintain any projects, and you will need your own developer to run your digital business for the long term.

Can I publish my project on Github?

It is not allowed to pass on or publish the UCMS source code in whole or in part. This means that you can only publish your own code that you wrote yourself, but you can not publish any parts of the UCMS code as open source on github or similar.

Will I get an invoice if I purchase?

Of course, after sending the order form you will receive an order confirmation / pro forma invoice (which is without tax relevance). The final (and tax law significant) invoice is sent together with your licence key and the source code after receipt of payment.

Do I have to pay VAT?

If you live in a member state of the European Union, you must also pay the VAT applicable to your country. The VAT rate depends on the EU member state in which you live. If you live somewhere else, there is no VAT.

Are the UCMS costs tax deductible?

Be sure to ask your accountant! If you are a company, the chances are very good that you can deduct the costs completely or at least partially from the tax. In the ideal case, it does not cost you anything to buy a UCMS license.